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Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: Risk Management

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About Course

This is a course that teaches how to apply risk management in MQL5 to your trading expert advisors. You will learn effective methods to apply money and risk management to both protect your capital and grow the account by capitalizing profits.

Coding Money and Risk Management in MQL5

First, you will learn the following methods for calculating the trade size:

  1. – Minimum lot size allowed by the asset
  2. – Minimum incremental lot based on the account equity
  3. – Fixed volume
  4. – Incremental fixed volume based on the account equity
  5. – Risk percentage of the account equity

Of the different money management methods, only the last one allows position risk management. This is achieved through a stop loss and calculating the size of the trade so that, if the stop loss is reached, only the desired percentage of the equity is lost.

Likewise, methods that consider the equity can easily be adjusted to account for the balance; these are the ones that allow profit capitalization.

Time-based Risk Limit

Secondly, you will also learn how to implement a time-based risk limit to prevent the expert advisor from trading when it suffers numerous losses.

Specifically, when the losses exceed the percentage of the equity that we specify for a given time range, for example, the last x hours, the current day, a period of days or even weeks or months. And of course, to implement this filter you will learn to work with the history of orders and deals.

During the course we will demonstrate how to implement all these techniques into an expert advisor, the Simple MA v2.0, which is the one we code in โ€œAlgorithmic Trading in MQL5: OOP & POโ€, but that expert advisor is not provided in this course. In this course we will provide you with the Risk Management include file, which contains all code explained during the course.

Is this course for me?

This course is an advanced level course. It is not appropriate for beginners as we will not cover the basics of the MQL5 language. Beginners should take instead โ€œAlgorithmic Trading In MQL5: Code Robots & Free Up Your Timeโ€.

The course also follows an Object-Oriented approach, so you also need to have knowledge of OOP or have completed โ€œAlgorithmic Trading in MQL5: OOP & POโ€ first.

If you took the time to complete the previous courses, or you have intermediate knowledge of MQL5, then you are ready to take this course. I am confident that you will find great value on all the knowledge and techniques shared in this course.

At the end of this course, you will have learned how to develop professional risk management, which is essential for trading and, of course, necessary! Both to be able to pass funding challenges, in case you are considering doing one, and to be able to preserve your capital, overcome bad streaks and trade without fear of breaking the account.

If you like the program and you are interested in improving your MQL5 skills and your trading robots, then wait no more! This course is for you!

– Jose Martinez

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to apply different money management methods to determine position size
  • How to calculate the size of each trade to limit its risk to a percentage of the balance or equity
  • How to obtain information from the history of orders and deals
  • How to code a time-based risk limit to prevent the expert advisor from trading when the losses, for the specified time range, exceed a percentage of the equity

Course Content

Risk Management

  • 00:10
  • 06:44
  • Risk Management Class
  • Volume and margin verification
  • Implementation of money and risk management
  • Validation of money and risk management
  • Time-based risk limit (i)
  • Time-based risk limit (ii)
  • Validation of time-based risk limit
  • Conclusion

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