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Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: Coding a Multi-Symbol Expert Advisor
In this MQL5 course, José Martínez, an experienced algorithmic trader, teaches how to code a multisymbol expert advisor for efficient trading across multiple markets. The course covers creating a robust strategy, leveraging objects, and adapting code for different indicators. Version 3.0 of the framework is provided for trading simple moving average strategies. The 60-minute tutorial includes reviewing code, implementing pending orders, and backtesting in Strategy Tester. Prior knowledge of MQL5 and object-oriented programming is assumed. This course is ideal for traders looking to apply strategies across various markets simultaneously. Join José to enhance your trading automation skills.
Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: Coding a Multi-symbol Expert Advisor
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In the video, the speaker discusses the importance of increasing statistical significance in backtesting trading strategies by testing them across multiple markets simultaneously. They demonstrate this concept using a multi-symbol expert advisor in MetaTrader 5. Initially testing the strategy on EURUSD with only 20 trades over 5 years, they highlight the limitation of a small sample size for optimization. To address this, they switch to testing the strategy across 28 forex pairs simultaneously to achieve a more robust evaluation. This approach allows for a more comprehensive assessment of the strategy’s performance and statistical significance.

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