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Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: Coding a Multi-symbol Expert Advisor

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About Course

Algorithmic trading course in MQL5 where you will learn how to code a multi-symbol expert advisor for Metatrader 5.

In this course we will introduce you to a new framework that will provide your experts with the ability to apply a strategy, a set of rules, to multiple symbols at the same time.

Essential for finding robust strategies

If your strategy is not crafted for a specific market, but it has rules that can be applied to any market, then it might be a great candidate to be optimized with a multi-symbol expert advisor.

By backtesting and optimizing a strategy on multiple markets at the same time, we get an global view of the performance of that strategy, in addition of a larger sample of trades.

The number of trades is essential to optimize a strategy and be confident that: (i) it has not been overfitted, and (ii) its results have not been the product of chance.

Trading is more efficient

Having a larger number of trades is already a great advantage, but using a multi-symbol bot will also make your trading more efficient: deploying a single expert advisor that trades 20 or 30 markets will consume far less resources than deploying 20 or 30 experts.

In addition, deploying and reviewing a multi-symbol expert advisor is significantly faster and less tedious, so another point in favor.

Advanced knowledge of coding in MQL5

When it comes to MQL5 coding skills, you will learn how to create a class that will inform your expert of which symbols to trade and which magic numbers to assign for each symbol. That’s right, the expert advisor will trade multiple magic numbers.

In addition, you will learn the right methodology to prepare your strategies for a multi-symbol expert advisor.

We will cover both the market and the pending order version. During the latter, we will give details of the changes that would be necessary to trade other strategies and indicators. Finally, we will test the bot in the strategy tester, highlighting the key points to keep in mind when backtesting these bots.

Is this course for me?

This is an advanced level course. It is not suitable for beginners as we will not cover the basics of the MQL5 language. Beginners should instead enroll in “Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: Code Robots and Free Your Time“.

The course also follows an object-oriented programming approach, and it continues from version 2.1 of the framework, so it is also necessary to have knowledge of OOP and to have completed “Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: OOP and PO” before.

If you spent the time to complete the previous courses, then you are ready to take this course.

I am confident that you will find great value in all the knowledge and techniques shared in this course. As always, I will share with you tips from my own experience that you will not easily find anywhere.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to code multi-symbol expert advisors in MQL5 and you will be ready to take your backtesting and trading to a new level.

If you like the program and you are interested in improving your skills with MQL5 and your trading robots, don’t wait any longer – this course is for you!

– Jose Martinez

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to organize the strategy with classes and objects to be traded by a multi-symbol expert
  • How to inform the expert advisor of which symbols to trade, and how to correctly manage the different trades with multiple magic numbers
  • How to code a multi-symbol expert advisor to trade the simple moving average strategy and use it as a framework for other strategies
  • How to backtest a multi-symbol expert in the Metatrader 5 strategy tester

Course Content

Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: Coding a Multi-Symbol Expert Advisor
In this MQL5 course, José Martínez, an experienced algorithmic trader, teaches how to code a multisymbol expert advisor for efficient trading across multiple markets. The course covers creating a robust strategy, leveraging objects, and adapting code for different indicators. Version 3.0 of the framework is provided for trading simple moving average strategies. The 60-minute tutorial includes reviewing code, implementing pending orders, and backtesting in Strategy Tester. Prior knowledge of MQL5 and object-oriented programming is assumed. This course is ideal for traders looking to apply strategies across various markets simultaneously. Join José to enhance your trading automation skills.

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