Algorithmic Trading Courses

We help traders improve their chances of succes in the markets by teaching them how to program in MQL5, automate their trading and support their decisions with data and analytics.

Why Automate Your Trading

quantitative trading

Ultra-fast backtesting

You will know the past performance of a strategy in a few seconds

quantitative trading


You will have data and statistics from your strategies to inform your decisions

scalable trading


You will be able to trade hundreds of strategies at the same time

emotionless trading

24/7 Trading

You will be able to trade any session, at any hour, and without rest

emotionless trading


Execution is fast, error-free and with no psychology involved

scalable trading

Free Time

Since execution is automated you will have more time for other tasks

Want a demonstration?

We will send you a video illustrating how algorithmic trading works. You will love it!

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We Help You Evolve

With more than 5 years of experience behind us, we share all that knowledge with you to direct you in the right direction from the very beginning, saving you time and resources.

You will be able to deploy your own algorithms and take advantage of all the benefits of algorithmic trading.

mql5 coding


We teach the MQL5 language applied to trading from basic to intermediate level, including object-oriented programming.

metatrader 5 mt5

Metatrader 5

Software developed in MQL5 is run in the MT5 platform. We teach how to use the platform to its full capabilities.

expert advisor programming

Expert Advisor Programming

Code trading robots (expert advisors) that trade the financial markets automatically without human intervention.

systematic trading

Algorithmic Trading

We also teach on a number of related subjects, like system design, strategies, risk management and backtesting.

A Direct Path to Become An Algorithmic Trader

mql5 coding

Step 1: MQL5 Programming

From beginner to intermediate, anyone can learn programming

MQL5 is the programming language that we use to develop trading robots (expert advisors). Learning the language is the first step and it is necessary to start developing your trading systems.

mql5 programming
algorithmic trading
systematic trading

Step 2: Algorithmic Trading

Leverage your algorithms to develop robust trading systems

Programming is the 50% of algorithmic trading, the other 50% is made up of other subjects that are equally important, for instance: market fundamentals, indicators, risk management, trading strategies, system design, backtesting, optimization or monitoring.

grow develop

Step 3: Grow and Develop a Career

Choose the right service providers to support your trading

Finally, once you have developed your own systems, you will need to validate them on a demo account. Should your systems perform as expected, you can then move them to a live account, or better yet, to a Darwinex zero-risk account.

At this point, it is imperative to choose service providers that do not harm or put limitations to your trading. Make sure you check our other recommended services: how to choose the right broker for algorithmic trading, what is the best VPS for algorithmic trading.

trading account

Algorithmic Trading in MQL5 Courses

Base Knowledge

These courses will teach you how to code a trading robot in the Metatrader 5 programming language (MQL5) that can trade automatically. You will learn how to program a trading strategy with all of its key components, such as trade placement and exit, stop loss, take profits, pending orders, indicators, price series, and much more.

At the end of these courses, you will be able to code and deploy your own algorithms!

basic mql5 courses

MQL5 Base Courses

From beginner to intermediate level. They are the core knowledge and they will provide you with the necessary skills to automate your trading.

advanced mql5 courses

MQL5 Advanced Courses

Intermediate to advanced level. You will learn new techniques to improve your trading. These are the ones that will separate you from the rest.

Did you complete the core knowledge?

Expand your skills with our advanced courses


Advanced MQL5 Courses

You have a working framework that you can easily adapt to build expert advisors that trade different strategies, and that is awesome! Now it is time to learn advanced techniques and bring your trading to a different level.

What Our Students Say

Some reviews from our amazing students

This has to be one of the best courses I’ve taken regarding EA creation using MQL5. Its a ‘No Fluff’ and straight to the point course. Explains the basics very well and then moves onto designing and deploying an EA from start to finish. Jose explains the topics in a clear and concise manner and the best bit was […]

Herman M.

This course really helped me. It was updated and covered a real lot of topics that other courses left me hanging. I strongly indicate this course if you are serious about algorithmic trading and programming your own expert advisors. I can only thank Mr Hernández for the invaluable knowledge given.

Andrew Sandrini Vaz

This course is good. I liked the position management section where we trail stop loss and do break even. I think we don’t need profit target as you would note as trend continues you may capture a lot of pips. The coding follows simple moving average as strategy however based on this course you can build your EA with your owns strategy. […]

Sanjay Maurya

That was awesome MQL trading course. I highly recommend who try to start MQL5. Because this course just not fundamentals. You learning with creating EA. That way you can understand so quicly. Another course who make another person , that was horrible. So If you consider to which course do you buying. I’m recommend this course. […]


Excellent course, he really covers the basic syntax of MQL5. For those who knows C++ this is going to be easy. And the robot section is very good, he does program modular and ordered and covers the basic functions we need to use for algoritming trading, you surely will reuse them in your advisors.

Sergio Da Silva

Thank you for this MQL5 programming course ! It was very well explained and covered major aspects of trading management system. I will certainly continue to learn with José for future courses on MQL5. I highly recommend!

François Bernard

Really excellent course that I thoroughly enjoyed. Being new to MT5 , but with a coding background, I found the course pitched at the right level and it satisfied my objective of learning enough about MQL and MT5 to be able to code EA’s on my own, which was great – thanks.

Jonathan Dyke


Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciate that you gave your best. I am totally new and I could get the overall awareness of EA and prepared me to get hands on and implement my ideas.

Venkateshwar Korpol

Hi, it’s easy to follow, very well explained, and useful to start with its own EA. I like the progressive and clear coding. There are also lot of tips I’ll reuse. It helps me starting my own EA based on a consistent framework. Thank you so much

Jerome Cornier

The course is very helpful. The teacher is amazing. He always answers your questions. İfi had a chance to take this course, my choice would definitely be Jose Martinez Hernandez. Thank you Jose…

Abdullah Yilmaz

Thank you all for your kind words!


Do I need trading knowledge?

To succeed in algorithmic trading you need both programming and trading knowledge.

As of now, our courses are focused on coding in MQL5 and we don’t have yet any course covering the basics of trading, like price structure, leverage, candle and chart patterns, the trend or indicator basics.

Therefore, it is recommended that at some point you learn about these topics.

Do I need programming experience?

You don’t need to have any programming experience to enroll in our course, as we teach from the very beginning. Beginners should start taking the course Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: Code Robots & Free Up Your Time.

Do you recommend other resources?

We are continuously expanding our course catalogue to supply you with all the skills we consider relevant to succeed in algorithmic trading, but the process is long.

As of now there are several subjects still not covered in our courses and you might want to learn more about them elsewhere. We recommend Perry Kaufman work to learn them.

Is it better to program your own trading bots or use a drag-and-drop builder?

Drag-and-drop builders are a popular easy solution to get optimized bots in just a few clicks. These are widely used, but tend to produce overfitted bots that don’t work in live trading.

With drag-and-drop builders you don’t have any control over the code or the data and usually your creativity is limited by the options provided by the builder. We suggest staying away from them.

What order is recommended to follow the courses?

We recommend taking first the beginner course “Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: Code Robots & Free Up Your Time”, and then the intermediate course “Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: OOP & PO”.

After these courses, you can take any of the advanced courses in any order, as all of them follow nicely from the template coded in “Algorithmic Trading in MQL5: OOP & PO”.

What is the duration of the course license?

We provide you with a lifetime license, so you can follow the course at your own pace.

Do you provide support with the courses?

Yes, we provide full support to our students to help them follow along with the courses and complete them. Take in mind though that our courses are meant to teach skills, not to provide solutions to personal projects or consultancy.

Is there any community or social media I can join?

You can connect with our social media through the links provided at the bottom of the website. We will add more community options in the future.

Do you provide consulting or software development services?

At this moment we do not, but we will do it in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

Can I ask for a refund?

Since the contents we provide include digital downloads, we do not give refunds. Our students love our courses and usually purchase more than one!

Are you a new student? Then let us suggest you complete the free-open lectures and purchase one course at a time. That way you will have a first impression and be able to get started without investing a significant amount.